Our Mission Statement

Since 2006, CAC International LLC has provided outstanding service for our clients’ freight storage and logistical needs. Client satisfaction is at the forefront of CAC’s mission as we strive to deliver both value and high-quality service. Our drivers are extensively trained, undergoing rigorous safety evaluations to ensure the reliable delivery of your freight. With our expansive 150,000-square foot facility and variety of services, we can accommodate any need.


At CAC International LLC, safety is imperative. Our drivers attend numerous safety seminars prior to hitting the road to ensure they possess the tools necessary to keep them and other drivers safe.


  • Port Royal
  • Laser Dayton
  • GreenLeaf
  • TQL
  • Allen Lund
  • Royal Rose
  • Allstate Transport
  • ATG
  • Imex
  • AGlobal